Hydrive Vehicles, Inc. - TechnologyHydrive is the technology leader in power management.

Hydrive Vehicles, Inc. - Power-Out InverterHydrive’s POWER-OUT INVERTER is available in either in-vehicle or simple plug-in configurations.  It can power lights, televisions or even a home refrigerators for more than three days!Hydrive Vehicles, Inc. - Download Power-Out Inverter Brochure

Hydrive Vehicles, Inc. - Rescue Generator

Hydrive’s portable RESCUE GENERATOR charges your vehicles as you drive.  It can be used to exte nd the range of your carry over 50% or rescue a stranded car.Hydrive Vehicles, Inc. - Download Rescue Generator Brochure

Hydrive Vehicles, Inc. - Hybrid GensetHydrive’s HYBRID GENSET easily mounts in the bag well or cargo space.  It can charge the batteries of a golf car and provide surplus power for intensive POWER-OUT INVERTER applications.

Hydrive Vehicles, Inc. - Converter CordHydrive’s CONVERTER CORD quickly converts the POWER-OUT INVERTER and RESCUE GENERATOR for use on other manufacturer’s vehicles.  It can also be used with Golf Car Chargers.